We are the most respected firm in the country for adoption cases, specialising in contentious and contested adoption litigation.

We secure more than half of all adoptions granted in Scotland each year. It is vital that you think about appointing a solicitor to advise you on the court process as early as possible. Given our vast experience, we are able to advise you on the differing approaches taken within different courts, the issues that you are likely to encounter and answer all of the questions that you will undoubtedly have now that you are moving into the legal process.

We pride ourselves on putting you at ease and allowing you to concentrate on parenting while we progress your legal case. Given that we work with all Adoption Agency in Scotland, we are well placed to tailor advice to your very specific circumstances.

There are a range of family situations that might require an adoption order:

  • Child placed with you by an adoption agency
  • Adoption by relatives, foster carers or kinship carers
  • Adoption by couples
  • Adoption by a single person
  • Adoption by step parent
  • Inter-country adoption
  • Children adopted abroad coming to the UK

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