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We practice in all Sheriff Courts throughout Scotland and for clients living in any area of Scotland. Our legal reach extends far beyond our offices in Glasgow. We also conduct Court of Session cases for carers living out with Scotland.

We are a team of expert individuals conducting our own cases in the Sheriff Court. We lead the way in the development of the law in Adoption, Permanence and Family Law issues.


Claire Anne McFadden, Partner

Claire Anne is the leading solicitor in Scotland for litigation in Adoption, Permanence and Family and Child Law. She has been a partner at JK Cameron since 2003 and has overseen the expansion of the firm to meet the demands of an ever increasing client base. More about Claire Anne


Ross Mackenzie, Partner

Ross has 15 years’ experience as a civil litigator and specialises in adoption and permanence litigation. Ross has developed a reputation as a highly successful litigator. He prides himself on his ability to identify the pertinent legal issues relating to a particular case and his ability to conduct difficult cases in an incredibly cost effective manner. More about Ross


Chris Thomson, Partner

Chris has a strong reputation as a successful litigator in Child and Family Law and has achieved regular success for clients in highly complex and contentious proceedings at the Sheriff Court and also in Appeals before the Sheriff Principal and the Sheriff Appeal Court. More about Chris


Joanna MacPherson, Solicitor

Joanna joined the JK Cameron team in 2014. Since then she has developed a wide and in-depth practice in the areas of Adoption and Child and Family Law. More about Joanna



Lynsey McPhail, Administration Manager

Lynsey has been with the firm since 2001. She is an invaluable part of our team. More about Lynsey

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