Ross Mackenzie


Ross has 15 years’ experience as a civil litigator and specialises in adoption and permanence litigation. Ross has developed a reputation as a highly successful litigator. He prides himself on his ability to identify the pertinent legal issues relating to a particular case and his ability to conduct difficult cases in an incredibly cost effective manner.



He has wide experience in dealing with all aspects of children and young persons who are affected by separation, divorce and social work intervention. He advises clients in both private and public sectors and has particular expertise in dealing with cases involving children subject to grounds of referral proceedings, contentious sibling contact disputes and the implications of permanent care. Ross has been instructed in several hundred adoption and permanence order applications across Scotland and has developed a strong reputation for both his knowledge and experience in such matters together with his pragmatic and reassuring approach.



  • Ross has been instructed in a variety of contentious and complex adoption and permanence cases. He has extensive knowledge and skill in managing the interfacing of the Children’s Hearing system with other court processes and has had extensive experience in addressing devolution and human rights issues.
  • He has conducted numerous contested cases throughout Scotland at various different Sheriff Courts involving Adoption, Residence, Contact and Permanence Orders. He has also conducted many Sheriff Appeal Court cases to successful outcomes. Ross, like his partners at JK Cameron, much prefers to conduct his cases personally as opposed to instructing Counsel and as such has appeared personally before the Sheriff Principal and the Sheriff Appeal Court.
  • Ross has extensive experience in both intercountry and foreign element Adoption applications. He has successfully represented numerous clients over the past ten years obtaining adoption orders under the complex legislative provisions that govern such applications.


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