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Everyone should have a Will. Failing to prepare a will can cause a great deal of distress for relatives left behind as well as greater expense to wind up the estate. We offer advice in the preparation of wills and also provide a first class executry service in implementation of a Will. In the event that a Will has not been prepared prior to death, the estate is intestate and we provide an equally efficient service in intestate estates.

Continuing and Welfare Powers of Attorney give relatives (or nominated persons) the power to make decisions on our behalf in the event that we no longer have ability to make them for ourselves. A person must grant a Power of Attorney whilst they have the ability to understand what the document means (legal capacity) therefore it is sensible to grant a Power of Attorney and hope that it is never required. Our solicitors can provide advice in relation to the crucial wording of such documents to ensure they meet your particular needs.

If a person does not have the legal capacity to grant a Power of Attorney, it is possible to apply to a court for the appointment of a “Guardian”. The Guardian would then be allowed to make decisions in relation to personal welfare and/or financial matters. We provide comprehensive advice in this area of law.