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Within the field of adoption our firm is one of the most respected in the country. We currently secure more than half of all adoptions in Scotland and year on year we provide the highest quality of advice & representation to prospective adopters. Jim Cameron and Claire Anne McFadden, together with Laura Porter, Chris Thomson, Ross Mackenzie and Louise Jones make a strong & professional team of experts in this complex and specialist area of law.

Although based in Glasgow, we deal with cases across the country and offer advice and seminars about adoption law and procedures to prospective adopters, social work departments and adoption agencies throughout Scotland. The adoption process can be a complicated process and our solicitors are happy to talk to you at any stage, whether you are simply considering adoption or need support through the process itself. As well as the complex legal issues and test to be met in any adoption process, consideration must also be given to whether ongoing direct or indirect contact with the child’s birth parents is appropriate. As experienced solicitors, we are able to provide you with crucial guidance on both legal and practical aspects of the adoption process.

We provide advice and representation for foster carers seeking specific issues orders in relation to looked after children in their care and those involved in Permanence Orders. Jim Cameron and Claire Anne McFadden are non-executive committee members of BAAF Scotland.

We offer a unique, professional and caring service to clients at times of utmost importance in their lives.